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VIPRE SafeSend


VIPRE Safesend prevents misaddressed emails from being sent to the wrong person.


Organizations using Outlook needing to prevent sensitive emails and attachments being mistakenly sent to the wrong contacts.

What is VIPRE SafeSend?

SfaeSend prevents sensitive emails from being sent to the wrong person by mistake. It allows admins in Office 365 to set rules which trigger a pop up when an email is sent, asking the sender to confirm that the recipients are correct. SafeSend also scans outgoing emails and attachments to make sure that sensitive information does not leave your network. It allows organizations to confirm external recipients, scan for sensitive data and centrally manage settings.


  • Prevents data leakage by enforcing rules so that users have to confirm external recipients in emails (including BCC), meeting invitations and task requests
  • End users don’t have to go back into the email and change the contact, they can do it right from the confirmation pop-up, saving time
  • Admins can define lists of safe/internal/ whitelisted/ domains that don’t trigger warnings
  • Admins can ust the whitelist to blacklist domains, so that warnings are always shown when a user tries to email them
  • All settings are configurable using Group Policy and can even be configured on a per-user basis
  • Engineered for enterprise deployment, with easy installation on endpoints
  • Scans email content to protect against data loss, with triggers to alert the sender if they are about to send sensitive information
  • Splunk integration allows analytics that show the number of emails that having been cancelled because of misaddressed contacts, or the amount of files that have been checked before being sent
  • All strings visible in the GUI are configurable and the solution can be fully white-labelled with your own branding

Trigger Options

SafeSend can be triggered under different conditions. The most common option is to display SafeSend for all external emails being sent outside the company. The second most common option is to display it only when files are sent externally. These are the trigger options:

  • External emails
  • External emails with attachments
  • External emails with a certain classification
  • External emails with DLP matches
  • External emails where there is a new email thread
  • All emails with attachments
  • All emails with a certain classification
  • All emails with DLP matches
  • All emails where there is a new email threats

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