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End-to-End Email Encryption that’s surprisingly easy to use. Encrypt and control access to emails and attachments from G Suite, Office 365, and Microsoft Outlook/Exchange.

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Virtru Email Encryption Review

Review date: February 18th 2019

Snapshot: Virtru offer easy email encryption for all cloud email platforms.

What is Virtru Email Encryption?

Virtru is an email encryption platform that works with all cloud based email platforms. It has a strong focus on security and ease of use. Virtru offer two types of email encryption for emails. The first is a secure web portal in which recipients log into a web browser page to access an encrypted email inbox. The second is end to end encryption via Outlook. This means both parties require certificates, but means that users can access encrypted emails from within their inbox with no other webpage needed. Virtru provide multiple control features to help businesses take more control over email content.

For: SMB and enterprise customers looking for an advanced easy to use encryption platform with multiple controls.

Not For: Customers looking for secure PDF encryption formatting.


  • Focus on security with two types of encryption offered, secure web portals and end to end encryption via Outlook
  • Secure web portals are easy to use for end users, and easy to set up for administrators
  • End to end encryption is secure for the most highly sensitive information
  • Easy to install for administrators, and easy to use for end users with an Outlook plug-in
  • Good value for money and free basic edition
  • Granular controls and customisable policies offered including the ability to revoke access to emails after sending, control whether emails can be forwarded and set expiration dates
  • Full auditing of where users are sharing protected content
  • Works with Office 365 and G suite

Expert Insight:

Virtru is a market leading email encryption platform. It offers businesses strong security, a range of granular controls, and is popular with customers. There are multiple types of email encryption on offer. The secure web portal offers high levels of security, and the end to end encryption via Outlook provides the easiest to use email encryption for end users. There are granular controls on offer, such as the abilities to revoke emails after being sent, and set expiration dates on how long after an email has been received email can be accessed. The controls are all easy to use and can be set by end users within Outlook.

This platform is a strong solution for businesses of all sizes. It’s easy to deploy and offers management features such as reporting over how emails are being sent and where sensitive data is being sent outside of the organization. This is a popular platform, used by enterprise customers to protect high level email data such as film scripts, and is also used by law enforcement. Businesses looking for strong email security with a focus on ease of use should consider this platform.

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Virtru Vendor Overview

Regulated content, intellectual property, and other sensitive information are the lifeblood of the enterprise and that data must be shared – inside and outside your organization. Yet, today’s solutions just don’t work because the user experience causes too much friction to be effective. Virtru is dedicated to eliminating the trade-off between data protection and ease-of-use.

More than 8,000 organizations trust the Virtru Data Protection platform to easily protect and control sensitive information regardless of where it’s been created, stored, or shared. Learn more about Virtru’s patented underlying technology, which allows users anywhere, on any device to work the way they do today – without requiring a separate log-in, user interface, or application.

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Virtru Email Encryption Features

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Virtru Email Encryption Features

Feature Description
Secure Web Portal Emails are sent in Outlook, O365 or G-Suite, and recipients are asked to verify their email address on receipt of the email in a secure web portal
End to end encryption via Outlook Simply enable end to end encryption on outlook to ensure only you and authorized recipients can access secure content. Only recipients with the key can access encrypted email
Customisable policies Revoke access to content, control forwarding, set expiration dates, all after the email has been sent
Ease of Use for end users One clicks encryption for emails and attachments, no software or new user names/passwords
Auditing and Access reports Visibility and Insight tools show where email and files have been shared both within and outside your organisation.
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