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VWO is an easy A/B testing tool. Tweak, optimize & personalize your website and apps with minimal IT help.

This product is:

For: Large enterprise users looking for the most fully featured, granular and data driven website conversion tool to test new ideas to increase engagement.

Not for: Small businesses looking for an easy to use service to make their site more usable without needing to spend time learning a new platform.

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VWO Review

Review date: December 19th 2018

The Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) platform is a website conversion tool with a focus on data-driven testing and experimentation. This platform aims to help you research how your customers behave on your site, plan and carry out tests to increase engagement, and then test how well these measures have worked. As you would expect, the major features this platform offers are AB testing and conversion optimization. This platform is based out of India and is aimed towards large enterprise sized businesses – with infrastructure they argue can handle billions of events per hour.

Benefits of VWO

  • Great platform for enterprise customers looking for website conversion with a range of granular features
  • Popular with large customers as reports can easily be created to show how changes have helped to increase engagement
  • Huge amount of real time tracking capabilities, including page visits, clicks, conversion funnels and advanced drill downs of user behaviour
  • Great visibility of individual user behaviour with a range of heatmaps
  • A range of analysis and data driven testing tools which goes beyond competitors in this category
  • Completely white labelled and customisable in CSS surveys which can pop up whenever you want, such as after a period of time or when a customer is about to leave the page
  • Unique notetaking and hypothesis functionality which makes it easy to create and test new ideas
  • Testing and experimenting features are granular with range of A/B testing, split URL design and multivariate testing – with visual design and code editor

What you should know about VWO

  • The high number of granular features mean that this platform takes some time to learn to use effectively
  • Not recommended for small business, as pricing is higher than alternatives, with features that will likely go beyond what they need
  • The UI could be simplified to make it a bit easier to use

Expert Insights Verdict on VWO

VWO is a very powerful website conversion tool. It has a huge range of features to help you get solid data over the people visiting your website, and how they engage with it. You can view detailed heatmaps, conversion funnels and real time user activity. This will help you identify usability issues with your site. The core strength of this service is the data driven approach to help you improve conversion rates. VWO offer a variety of reports and analytics to show you the exact number of people visiting your pages, their demographics – all within a detailed reporting dashboard. The service also encourages you to create forms to gather more data on your customer experience. With this data you can hypothesis and multiple different tests to see what works and what doesn’t to engage more visitors.

This service has a lot of advanced features, which means it can be quite difficult to use for small businesses. They also may not need many of the features on offer. But for larger enterprises who want the most granular data on their website’s visitors, VWO is a good option.

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Wingify Vendor Overview

VWO is an easy A/B testing tool. Tweak, optimize & personalize your website and apps with minimal IT help.

Website https://vwo.com/
Employees on LinkedIn 196
Glassdoor Rating (67 reviews)
Founded 2009
Revenue $10 to $25 million (USD) per year
Headquarters New Delhi (India)
Support Team Location(s) India

VWO Service Overview

Knowledge Base https://vwo.com/knowledge/
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VWO Features

Explore the features offered by VWO.

VWO Features

Feature Description
Behaviour Monitoring Heatmaps, watch individual user journeys, huge range of metrics to test user behaviour. Track how people are engaging with forms, who is ignoring them, and who are filling them in.
Reporting and Analytics Metrics to track user behaviour, track visits, form submits, clicks, purchases, conversions, visitor segments and demographics. Reports into how well tests are performing. Detailed reporting dashboard.
Polling and Feedback Targeted on page surveys which are fully customisable, so you can upload you own templates. Huge number of reports available to show how the surveys are being engaged with
Administration Admins can create and test new ideas with granular A/B testing, with full reports on performance. Easy to make notes and make hypotheses to be tested. Easy to use visual editor and advanced code editor.
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