WEBGAP Remote Browser

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WEBGAP Remote Browser


WEBGAP offers fully-hosted and fully-managed remote browsers, available on a monthly or annual bases.


Organizations requiring a fully featured managed solution for secure browser isolaition.

 What is Webgap Remote Browser?

WEBGAP offer remote browsing technology for individuals and businesses. The platform is fully hosted, allowing businesses to physically isolate their cyber risk away from local IT infrastructure. It is also fully managed, meaning that set up and installation is easy. The platform has a focus on customizability, allowing businesses to fine-tune the service so it meets their individual requirements. Customers can integrate single sign on, active directory, set URL filter and create domain whitelists and blacklists.


  • Any browser- WEBGAP works with any browser, with no downloads or local installs to worry about.
  • No malicious code- WEBGAP rebuilds webpages into 18 lines of clean HTML, stripped of potentially malicious code.
  • Mobile friendly- Works brilliantly on mobile devices, extending isolation to wherever you use the internet.
  • Supports browser plugins- HTML display protocol for tight browser integration supports browser plugins & add-ons.
  • Multiple isolation mechanisms- Rendering, session, process and connection isolation.
  • API accessible- Built to integrate with your existing systems and tools.
  • 100% containerized- Compute cluster and isolation engine packaged/executed as a container.
  • Distributed architecture- Scale out rather than up, with no SAN or appliances required.

Browser Isolation Guide for Business

Download a comprehensive guide to Browser Isolation. Discover what Isolation is, how it works, the top features and the key security benefits, such as phishing protection.

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Browser Isolation Solutions
California, USA
Cloud Based
Starting Price:
$5 per user per month
Suitable For:
SMBs, Enterprise

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