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The Webroot® Platform is a cloud-based architecture that classifies and scores 95% of the internet 3x per day. With over 10 years’ experience innovating in the field of cutting-edge machine learning technology, Webroot Threat Intelligence provides the accuracy and context organizations and vendors need to protect themselves.

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Webroot Business Endpoint Protection Review

Review date: March 1st 2019

Snapshot: Cloud based endpoint protection against evolving threats.

What is Webroot Business Endpoint Protection?

Webroot is an Endpoint Protection platform aimed at businesses of all sizes looking for powerful Endpoint security. It’s a cloud-based platform that continuously monitors endpoints to detect and protect them against threats. It offers a single management console for admins with full vsisibilty over all endpoints within a network. Webroot take a predictive, adaptive, mulit-layered approach to Endpoint security, to allow it to stop threats in real time. The service has a focus on automated, real-time threat protection, with full reporting of threats and a range of pre-configured policies, or the option to create your own. This platform supports multiple operating systems as well as virtual environments.

For: Businesses looking for a full Endpoint detection suite with anti-virus threat detection, response and prevention.

Not For: Businesses looking for traditional anti-virus solutions.


  • Multi-layered device defences and protection
  • Powerful malware detection and response with anti-virus, ransomware and spyware and browser based-attack protection
  • Real time protection against zero-day threats and phishing attacks
  • Strong admin controls such as white and blacklisting for what applications users can download to devices
  • Multi-vector protection, with defences across email, browsers, files and apps
  • Endpoint management can be enabled online to detect and remediate against threats from anywhere
  • Journalling and rollback features allow you to restore infected files to their uninfected states
  • Intelligent firewalls that work both within and outside the network, with tailored protection and dynamic risk prevention for users
  • Scalable platform that promises to install in just 30 seconds

Expert Insights

Webroot offers a powerful threat protection platform for businesses of all sizes. It offers businesses powerful network protection capabilities, with strong protection against viruses, malware and phishing attacks across multiple different vectors. This means that it offers protection for email threats, from web browsers and for malicious files and apps. The platform has a focus on real time threats, especially targeting user identity and privacy. The threat detection and response capabilities are powerful. The system continuously monitors endpoint threats with machine learning algorithms that detect and respond to email threats.

The platform offers a single management console for Endpoint devices accessible on a client or in a web based form. Within this platform admins can access reports and implement pre-defined policies or create their own. This is a scalable platform that is lightweight and easy to manage. It’s cloud based, installs in seconds, and updates are regular to ensure security is up to date. This platform is a good option for businesses of all sizes looking for Endpoint Protection. It’s not a suitable platform for businesses looking for basic anti-virus. But for businesses looking for a full suite of Endpoint threat protection, detection and response, especially with a large remote user base, this is a strong solution to consider.

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Webroot Vendor Overview

Webroot is a Smarter Cybersecurity™ solution offering cloud-based, multi-vector protection for endpoints and networks that stops threats in real time and secures businesses and individuals wherever they connect.

Website https://www.webroot.com/us/en
Employees on LinkedIn 751
Glassdoor Rating (178 reviews)
Founded 1997
Revenue $100 to $500 million (USD) per year
Headquarters Broomfield, Colarado (USA)
Support Team Location(s) Broomfield, CO

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection Service Overview

Webroot Knowledge Base https://community.webroot.com/fid-40
Webroot Login https://my.webrootanywhere.com/
Webroot Support https://www.webroot.com/nz/en/business/support/contact
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Webroot Business Endpoint Protection Features

Explore the features offered by Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection Features

Feature Description
Threat Protection Prevent viruses, malware, Trojans, phishing, ransomware, spyware, browser-based attacks, cryptojacking, credential-stealing malware, and wide range of other endpoint threats.
Threat Detection and Reponse Highly automated detection, prevention and protection with continuous monitoring and adaption to endpoint threats.
Management Console The single integrated management console gives administrators full security visibility and control over any device with the software agent installed.
Scalability The small but powerful software agent installs quickly and won’t conflict with existing security software.
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