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WebTitan Cloud is a cloud based web filtering solution allowing you monitor, control and protect your users and business when online. Requiring no on premise software or end user client software, set up is extraordinarily simple and quick.

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WebTitan Cloud Review

Review date: December 14th 2018

WebTitan Cloud is a DNS based web filtering service for business that is hosted in the cloud, meaning it can be deployed quickly and easily. It protects end users from viruses and malware online, and stops them from accessing webpages that go against company policies. The service also offers reporting and auditing of people’s web activity, to help identify security risks.

Titan HQ is a 25-year old cyber security service offering web filtering, email filtering and email archiving services.

Benefits of WebTitan Cloud

  • Good URL filtering with real-time categorisation of over 500 million websites
  • Cloud keys allow an easy method for admins to create exceptions to the internet policies without having to alter the policies
  • Comprehensive policy engine for filtering with 53 categories and more customisable categories means the service is highly configurable
  • Good malicious DNS/URL blacklisting
  • Recommended by customers, with high levels of satisfaction
  • Easy to set up and manage the service
  • Low cost service
  • Full suite of over 50 predefined reports with multiple exporting and scheduling options, real time browsing can be viewed
  • Cloud based DNS brings filtering to all users
  • Mature product with good range of features

What you should know about WebTitan Cloud

  • Do not manage their own threat databases

Expert Insights Verdict on WebTitan Cloud

WebTitan Cloud offers robust threat protection and strong protection features. It’s core focus is on web filtering. It filters over 500 million URLs, and offers a comprehensive policy engine. WebTitan offer three great admin policies.

Firstly, admins get 53 categories to set filtering rules.

Secondly, they can also create their own filtering categories.

Thirdly, they can use cloud keys. This is a popular service among customers for how easy it is to use and how effective the web filtering is.

This service is also very well priced. It’s ease of use and installation makes WebTitan a popular choice for MSPs.

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TitanHQ Vendor Overview

TitanHQ is a 25 year old multi award-winning web filtering, email filtering and email archiving SaaS business. TitanHQ protects over 7,500 businesses and works daily with over 1,500 MSP’s.

Website https://www.titanhq.com/
Employees on LinkedIn 47
Glassdoor Rating Not rated
Founded 1999
Revenue $5 to $10 million (USD) per year
Headquarters Republic of Ireland
Support Team Location(s) New York, USA

WebTitan Cloud Service Overview

Login Page http://manage.webtitancloud.com/login.php
Support Page https://helpdesk.webtitan.com/support/solutions
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WebTitan Cloud Features

Explore the key features offered by WebTitan Cloud. These features are what makes them unique and showcase what they can offer your business.

WebTitan Cloud Features

Feature Description
Web Filtering Real-time categorisation of over 500 million websites, 6 billion web pages, in 200 languages.
Threat Protection SSL supported, blocks viruses, phishing and other malware, blocks compromised websites, blocks spam and botnets
Reporting and Logging 55 pre-defined reports, full customisable reporting, AD integration so you know exactly who is doing at, real time browsing views
Administrative Controls Multiple policy categories, cloud keys to bypass policy rules, location based white and black listing, customisable block page
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Threat Protection
Reporting and Logging
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