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Protect web users from online security threats and inappropriate content.


Trusted by the Fortune 500, small business and MSPs.

Who are DNSFilter?

DNSFilter offers a DNS based web filtering service with a focus on simplicity. The product is unique in the industry in that rather than relying on large categorized databases of URLs, DNSFilter uses a machine learning algorithm to analyse domains in real time and keep companies secure. Another focus of this service is web content filtering with customizable filtering policies powered by machine learning algorithms and detailed accessible reporting. They also offer security threat protection against malware, phishing and botnet attacks.


  • Modern user interface which makes management and reporting easy and accessible
  • Simplified admin controls powered by algorithms
  • Customisable filtering policies
  • Machine learning algorithms effectively block security threats
  • Detailed reports with user requests, security reports, billing and real time streaming
  • Dynamic DNS support and easy installation and management
  • Flexible service driven by API
  • Guaranteed 100% uptime
  • Off network protection for roaming employees
  • Streamlined low cost pricing which is attractive to MSPs. Charging is based on usage, not the number of users.
  • Minimum charge of $5 per network, per month, which includes your first 1,000,000 DNS requests. If you exceed 1,000,000 requests, you are charged an additional $1 per month for each block of 200,000 requests. One or more networks contribute toward a $20/mo account minimum

Expert Insight

DNSFilter is an intuitive DNS Web Filtering solution. DNSFilter provides strong threat detection, powered by advanced machine learning algorithms. This means the solution can tell if a webpage is a threat, even if it has never been seen before. 

Customers praise DNSFilter for it's intuitive design and ease of use. Admins argue that it's very easy to manage, and has an accessible UI. This translates over to the reports, which are concise and easily understood and navigated. The service offers off-network protection for clients who work from home.

DNSFilter is a growing platform, offering strong protection and an excellent user experience. It’s also very cost effective. We recommend this service to organizations that are looking for strong web protection and an easy-to-manage solution.

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Profile: DNSFilter

DNS Web Filtering
Washington, DC, US
Cloud via DNS resolution
Starting Price:
3 Packages ranging from $1 to $3 user/month
Suitable For:
MSPs, Education

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