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DNSFilter Review

Review date: October 26th 2018

DNSFilter offers a DNS based web filtering service with a focus on simplicity with a modern user friendly interface. The product is unique in the industry in that rather than relying on large categorized databases of URLS, DNSFilter uses a machine learning algorithm to analyse domains in real time and keep companies secure. Another focus of this service is web content filtering with customisable filtering policies powered by machine learning algorithms and detailed accessible reporting. They also offer security threat protection against malware, phishing and botnet attacks.

DNSFilter is a small company headquartered in Washington, DC which was founded in 2015.

Benefits of DNSFilter

  • One of the best designed modern user interfaces in the market which makes admin controls and reporting easily accessible and readable
  • Simplified admin controls powered by algorithms streamline to process of deploying customisable filtering policies saving time for admins
  • Machine learning algorithms effectively block security threats
  • Detailed useful reports with user requests, security reports, billing and real time streaming
  • Dynamic DNS support and easy installation and management
  • Flexible service driven by API
  • Guaranteed 100% uptime
  • Streamlined low cost pricing which is attractive to MSPs, the service is far cheaper than competitors
  • Off network protection for roaming clients
  • CEO is active member of the community on Reddit, engaging with customers
  • Highly recommended by customers

What you should know about DNSFilter

  • Admin controls are not as granular as competitors such as Webroot, with machine learning automating controls and a focus on ease of use and minimum management
  • Less extensive researching and insights into threats than much larger competitors such as Cisco, but machine learning covers this
  • No AD integration

Expert Insights Verdict on DNS Filter

From the branding, to the product, DNSFilter is intensely focused on an elegant, streamlined DNS web filter. DNSFilter is a young product but contains all the features you’d expect for a good secure DNS web filter. Threat protection is robust, with machine learning algorithms making up for the databases of larger competitors. URL filtering is strong, with algorithms tuned to company policies determining which websites users should have access too. DNSFilter shines in the design department, with an accessible UI and great reports and analytics making admin’s lives easier and streamlining the management experience. The reports themselves are not advanced, but still offer detailed views of user activity and security policies. Coupled with a low price point, DNSFilter makes up for its smaller size and relative lack of features when compared to the Webroot and Cisco Umbrella market giants. As a growing product, the service is likely to only improve over time, and the machine learning algorithms could be ahead of the curve for the web security market.

Expert Insights recommends DNSFilter to companies looking for a streamlined easy to use service which is cost effective without compromising on threat protection and filtering, with great analytics. To companies searching for more granular admin controls and policies, we’d recommend competitors such as Cisco Umbrella and Webroot.

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DNSFilter Vendor Overview

DNSFilter offers DNS-Based Content Filtering & Threat Protection. We offer fair, commitment free pricing and are focused on servicing the MSP market.

Website https://www.dnsfilter.com/
Employees on LinkedIn 7
Glassdoor Rating Not rated
Founded 2015
Revenue $1 to $5 million (USD) per year
Headquarters Washington, DC (USA)
Support Team Location(s) Washington, DC (USA)
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DNSFilter Features

Explore the key features offered by DNSFilter. These features are what makes them unique and showcase what they can offer your business.

DNS Filter Features

Feature Description
Web Filtering Comprehensive and customisable content filtering policies powered by intelligent algorithms.
Threat Protection Protects users and networks against botnet attacks, malware, phishing, viruses by using security threat analysis powered by AI and machine learning in real time.
Reporting and Logging Activity reports, total requests, queries per second, most active networks, security threat reports and full query log data streaming in real time
Administrative Controls API integration ready, comprehensive and customisable internet content filtering policies deployable in mere minutes
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