Webroot Security Awareness Training

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Webroot Security Awareness Training


Phishing simulation, training and compliance courses with am LMS to make the provision, measurement and reporting of user education simple.


SMB customers and MSPs looking for an intuitive, easy to operate and manage user education Learning Management Software solution.

What is Webroot Security Awareness Training?

Webroot® Security Awareness Training leverages user data and threat intelligence to provide highly effective training that is topical, timely, relevant, and tailored to positively change real-world cybersecurity behaviours’ over time.

Features of Webroot Security Awareness Training

  • Tailorable cyber awareness user education for MSP and SMBs with complete LMS (Learning Management Software) for highly automated, efficient, training management.
  • Interactive cyber-awareness training courses designed to be engaging, interactive, and easy-to-consume to get users’ attention and achieve lasting results.
  • One-click access to launch all courses from any browser on a computer or mobile device and automated reminders to ensure users know about any outstanding coursework.
  • Fully customizable training course campaigns with the built-in LMS keeping track of every user’s participation, making all cybersecurity education accountable and measureable.
  • Five-Step Wizard reduces the time and cost of administering cybersecurity education programs with an automated campaign scheduler to organize ongoing programs and reports in minutes.
  • Phishing Simulator with ever-expanding, topical, phishing template ‘lure’ library regionalized for effectiveness and relevance and with training randomization to ensure realistic engagement and testing via realistic phishing scenarios.
  • Full course, campaign and contact management with training email templates, course library, and reporting center enabling administrators to quickly and efficiently schedule and assign training.
  • Users import via Active Directory LDIF, CSV files, or web-based form, with ‘Tags’ to allow admins to group users by location, department, business unit, or other category to streamline assigning training.
  • Scheduled Reporting Center receives phishing campaign statistics and generates per-user action and other reports to measure progress and ROI.
  • Campaign Executive Summary Report highlights the campaign data and results of the training.

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User Reviews

IT Admin


Computer Technology, 2-9 employees

Used the product for: Less than 6 months

May 8, 2019


"Webroot Security Awareness Training works great with fast deployment and an intuitive user interface"

What did you like best when using this solution?

This platform is really easy to set up and start sending out simulated phishing campaigns. It's very easy to deploy and a very user friendly system.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

The training content is not as advanced as some competitors and the phishing simulation templates could be evolved.

Describe your over overall experience with Webroot Security Awareness Training. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

This solution is easy to use and is very easy to deploy to our customers. Our customers have reported that its helped their employees become more security aware, which is exactly what they wanted from this service.